Modern fish processing at VEGA Salmon

Together with Andreas Nicolai and Lasse Petersen I had the privilege of visiting VEGA Salmon, a company that ships salmon all over the world from their location in Handewitt, just south of the Danish border. During our visit, we were warmly welcomed by Christin Duus and Carolin Fischer from the quality management team, who showed us around their production line and discussed the possibility of testing our sensor for fish freshness.

As we walked through the facility, we were struck by the precision and care that goes into every step of the process. From the deep-frozen containers of salmon and trout waiting to be processed to the machines that accurately slice and cut the fish to the skilled workers who carefully remove any undesired pieces and package the fish.


We were also impressed by the company’s commitment to waste reduction. Almost every part of the fish is used for something, e.g. the heads that are shipped for soup. 

Overall, our visit to VEGA Salmon was an inspiring experience that gave us a firsthand look at the fascinating world of food production. We are grateful to Christin Duus and Carolin Fischer for giving us these insights and look forward to a fruitful cooperation.

Find German and Danish version, following the links.

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