By fuzzbones, Colourbox

An enriching meeting with many important insights

We are thrilled to share that our partner AmiNIC had the opportunity to engage with Meedio and its esteemed CEO, Runi Hammer, in Hamburg on January 30th.

Our primary aim was to delve into Meedio’s pioneering work and extensive experience in data security and protection within the German market. The meeting was incredibly fruitful, as we gained valuable insights and received expert guidance on these critical subjects.

In addition to our discussions with Meedio, we were privileged to connect with Dieter Halbfas from the Karl Dischinger Group. With Dieter’s wealth of experience in logistics packaging, particularly within the food and pharmaceutical sectors in Germany and beyond, we delved deep into the intricacies of distribution conditions and the unique challenges the cold chain poses, particularly within the German meat industry.


This encounter broadened our understanding and paved the way for potential collaborations and innovative solutions in data security and distribution logistics.

A huge thank you to Meedio, Runi Hammer, and Dieter Halbfas for their insights and warm hospitality. We’re eagerly looking forward to exploring future opportunities for synergy and collaboration.

Click for a German and Danish translation.

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